Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hide and Seek in the workplace

There are many young women in Nigeria today desperate for jobs. A job can mean a roof over their heads or a medical bill for a loved one. A bag of rice for grandparents in the village or school fees for siblings. A job sometimes can be a matter of life or death. This is the situation many young women are faced with and this is the situation that many men have decided to take advantage of.

The offices of many men these days have now become a place to harass and terrorize these young women. Their desks now become the main player in this game. Women run around desks, begging as they make another circle, “please sir”, while the lecherous man says, “Come on, be a big girl”. As ridiculous as this situation sounds, as devoid of dignity as you may think it is, many old men are ready to sprint around a desk with great agility. Men that have not taken a walk in years will become athletes in a matter of seconds. You will be surprised to learn that many of these men have daughters, sisters and mothers. Many are “pillars of the society” and “elders” in churches.

For some reason, even though we see this disgusting behavior, we have chosen to turn a blind eye. Even when these young women report such situations, nobody seems to think that anything “bad” has taken place. What kind of society do we live in? What kind of society allows its daughters to be haunted like animals? What kind of society produces men that hunt like animals?

Our men it seems have become animals with no self control. They now believe that because they are “men”, they somehow now have the exclusive rights to “lack of control”. In many discussions all over Nigeria, men will tell you they are “created” that way. Somehow, while God was giving control and other honorable virtues to human beings all over the world, the Nigerian man was either sleeping or did not get the “memo”. It is time we stop fooling ourselves. The Nigerian man is no different than any other man in the world and unless you can fly or climb skyscrapers, then you are just a normal human being. Therefore, since you are just normal, then I expect you to behave like a normal human being.

Take for example, a man in the office. Your job in the office is to work and act as a professional. Your job is not to chase women around your desk. When did the office become the Nigerian man’s hunting ground? For those still wondering why nothing is being done in our country, now you know. People are playing “hide and seek” instead of working! As we dey talk for Warri, men dey carry woman matter for head pass government work.

I am tired of Nigerian men thinking that they can get away with anything. When you harass a woman in that way, it is called “sexual harassment” and you can be sued. As for the companies that turn a blind eye to this disgusting behavior by their employees, shame on you!

Finally for the men, let me tell you a secret. You can control yourself. Drink a glass of cold water and read your Bible or whatever religious scripture that suits you. If that does not help your situation, then I advise you to call your wife immediately, get on the nearest okada and hurry home. If you do not have a wife, it does not matter, get home and have a cold shower. I am told this always solves the problem.


simeone said...

prob is people tend to forget these days..that ther consequenses(apart from diseases) for everything from stealing 10 naira to killing som1..prayer is its not too late b4 eye open

rethots said...

Why do i feel quite uncomfortable with "Our men....seems self control." while i doubt not women are harassed, i think what we (men & women alike) need to develop is a life based on principles.

If we have that, it matters not the situation or circumstances.......we shall always come out 'unharassed' or better still with our heads high.

Waffarian said...

@Simeone:Unfortunately, many human beings do not think that way.

@Rethots: It is supposed to be uncomfortable.Since you feel that way, I guess I did a good job.

Abujamaiden said...

WORD!!!! thanks for this post should be front page on sunday thisday newspaper.

Homo sapiens is now Homo doggish-piggish-animal!

I had a summer job in 9ja and basically had to dress like crap just to reduce 'harrassment' that comes with dressing nice.

I'm not even done eith university and I was being 'hunted.'

Red Eyes said...

So this is where you have been hiding, you beautiful thing!