Sunday, November 2, 2008

The infertile man

I was reading my weekly newspapers last week on the internet when I came across an article titled “The way out of barrenness” written by Pastor Johnson Omomadia in the Vanguard, Nigeria, 24 October 2008. I read the article with great amusement and I have decided to compliment some of the missing facts in Pastor’s Omomadia’s well researched article on “barrenness”.

In his article, Pastor Johnson says that “To be barren means unfruitful, sterile, childless, deserted, uncultivated, dryness and something or someone that does not produce after its/his kind”. I therefore assumed that Pastor Johnson was referring to both men and women since both sexes can be affected by such a condition. He however only gives us examples of women in the Bible who were barren and warns us that is “forbidden” to be barren. At that point, I was filled with fear for all women with infertility problems all over Nigeria. What on earth were they now supposed to do? I imagined women committing suicides all over the country…I mean if it is “forbidden”, then what other choice do they have?

However, he does not suggest that infertile women start committing suicides all over the country, instead he tells us that “intercession brings fruitfulness” (with God that is) and then proceeds to advertise his bank account number at the end of his article where “financial seeds” can be planted and I am guessing his intercession with God will then work its miracles.

I would like to point out a few points the good pastor missed in his article. If infertility in women is forbidden in his version of the Bible, then I suppose infertility in men must be forbidden as well. Men can also can be “dry”, “uncultivated”, “and deserted”. If a man is impotent, then I am sure he is also “unfruitful”, “sterile”, and “childless”. I am very sure the pastor did not attend any medical school since he forgot to state the different factors that might cause a man to be unable to produce children. Just in case our pastor decides to immerse himself further into the world of “barrenness”, let me give him some common causes of male infertility. Disorders of the sperm numbers, shapes or movement are quite common. Testicular injuries or diseases, genetic disorders, hormonal problems, etc. There are many causes of male infertility that I am sure the pastor would like to mention next time he chooses to write about “a way out of barrenness”.

Also, should he choose to write a “part two” on the matter, it would be helpful if he can also find some examples of male infertility in the Bible, since that is where he gets his abundant knowledge of medical terms and conditions.


Jaycee said...

"The way out of barrenness"'s painful to hear about articles from such pastors. There's no fixed way out of barrenness...there's no formula or method. There shouldn't be an account provided so that people can sow monetary seeds to whack themselves out of barrenness!

In as much as people like to follow pastors, we have to be able to distinguish when they are speaking words of wisdom from when it's just plain FOOLISHNESS.

I'm tired of Religion. I'm praying for intimacy with God in a world where wolves hide in sheep's clothing.

Anonymous said...

i know right, deposit some money in my bank account and have your sins be forgiven, because you're cursed with a female-only curse.

i was hit with an overwhelming feeling of deja vu when i saw this. i think a bloger put up the entire article a while ago.

i like the way you wrote this.

Waffarian said... I am the blogger who put up the whole article, it was on my other blog! heheheheheh

Jaja said...

By restraining the anger i suspect you should feel, you generate all the rage in the reader. This is well done.

The thing is that the man and people like that really do not have sense. But really, was his account number stated ? has he no decency? tufiakwa!

Anonymous said...

that was a bit blonde :P