Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Nigerian Inquisition

In the 15th century, Europe was the center of the most heinous crimes committed against humanity in the name of Christianity. People were accused, put on trial, tortured and sometimes killed. In a bid to escape the wrath of the inquisition trials, people not only incriminated themselves but were forced to accuse others as well. This created an atmosphere of fear and paranoia amongst family and friends and it was not long before all sorts of fantastic accusations were being thrown about. One of the many accusations one could come up with was to accuse another person of “witchcraft”. Of course, this was in the 15th century and so it is understandable that the minds of illiterates could go no further than this. It is therefore with great shame and disgust that I now have to write about a similar sort of “inquisition” going on in our country today. These disgusting and inhumane trials are spearheaded by Helen Ukpabio.

You see, if someone had told me she was the wife of Lucifer, chances are I would laugh and not even think twice about such an absurd statement. However, in the case of Helen Ukpabio, I sincerely believe that she has been a wife of Lucifer and continues to mate with him in his bed of evil. Helen Ukpabio is the founder of “Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministry” and author of the book, “The Seat of Satan Exposed”. According to Helen, she was betrothed to Lucifer at the young age of fourteen and was trained in “concepts of mysticism, occultism, spiritism, satanism, demonism and general cultism” (don’t ask me what “spiritism” means, I always thought it was another name for “ogogoro” and as for the difference between “occultism” and “general cultism”, I am guessing the Satanic world has its very own English language which we mere mortals cannot decipher).

I have no problems with people being wives or husbands of anybody in heaven or hell. We all make our choices in life; after all, if people are wives and girlfriends of Jesus, I see no reason why people cannot be wives or girlfriends of Lucifer. Na dem sabi. Everybody with im own, wetin concern bicycle with filling station?
It only becomes my concern when people decide to attack the weak and innocent for their own devious and egoistic purposes. When anybody attacks a child, it becomes my concern and it should become your concern too. When a grown adult decides to attack children that cannot defend themselves then it becomes the place of other adults in the society to defend the children.

The “Liberty message”, according to its website, concentrates on expository series on witchcraft, false religion, marine spirit, demonology, deliverance, renunciation, first born male and curses/reversal(once again, do not attempt to find the meanings of these words in your dictionary, you have to have the “Modern Satanic Dictionary”). It is very clear, that whilst other churches are focusing on the “word of God” and a message of love, peace and happiness, Helen Ukpabio has decided to focus on delivering human beings from the hands of Satan.

Once again, I really have no problem with Helen practicing her deliverance skills on other human beings. If those human beings are adults and with their own two legs, decide to seek her out to know their “witchcraft status” (people wey never do A.I.D.S test oh meanwhile dem don do witchcraft test), that is their business. However, Helen does not only deliver adults. Instead, she has decided to concentrate also on the small and helpless in the society. Children who cannot defend themselves. Many of them do not even understand what is happening. Many of them still babies….these are the people that Helen has decided to practice her deliverance skills on.

In Akwa Ibom State today, there are hundreds of children being tortured, starved, beaten and separated from their families, all because Helen Ukpabio has labeled them as witches. Why is it the little children that are always the witches in every family? It is easy to pick a baby as a witch. A baby has no voice, a baby cannot defend itself, a baby is just… a baby.

I dare Helen Ukpabio to fight with demons her own size. I dare her to cast the demon out of me. Come and deliver me, please. Out of two of us, we go see who go cast demon comot from who. Helen Ukpabio should stop pretending she was ever delivered. It is obvious she is still very much the wife of Lucifer and is zealously doing his work here on earth.

I implore the Nigerian government, the governor of Akwa Ibom state and all sane citizens of this nation to stand up for the rights of these children. We must become the voice that they do not have and tell Helen Ukpabio to go and pick on demons her own size. I am sure since she is such a demon expert there must be many more adult demons that would keep her busy ministry occupied. Leave the children alone!

P.S: Congratulations to Comrade Oshiomhole! Yes we MUST!



Great article. Let me get AfroBeat to read this. She has been working on this issue herself...

Naapali said...

Where is the Attorney-General of the state or country and why are they not involved in prosecuting these crimes against children? Where are the police officers and what are they waiting for? Where are the local government officers who should be responsible for the welfare of these children?

Are they too busy chasing contracts or standing in line to have demons cast out of them?

TheAfroBeat said...

The police chief/head/whatever says that they have trouble pressing charges (strange, since they aren't the lawyers) against the parents of these children involved in a lot of the abuse, because they have no witnesses (since the parents are the witnesses as well as the perpetrators of these acts). I still think that there needs to be a swift and permanent action against these churches as they are the seeds of this evil and violent message to harm children for prosperity. If only Yar Adua would apply some of his SSS to take care of these exploiters, perhaps that would be a more appropriate use of his pwer-hungry cronies.

Thanks for sharing. I believe that the more we shine the spotlight on this issue, till it gets to the likes of CNN (it's already been aired on Channel 4 in the UK, and covered by the Guardian) and Oprah, and other influencers, then our good-publicity-hungry authorities will step in accordingly.

N.I.M.M.O said...

Its unfortunate that people like this are still allowed to be walking around free and not being prosecuted.

What we call Christendom today is filled with these shamans and demons parading themselves as pastors and church leaders. All they do is claim an unverifiable 'Damascus' experience a la St Paul, a certificate from a Bible school in India and they are in business!

Mores the pity however that these are the people in power as we have seen in the Sam Edem episode. Everybody seemed to downplay the relationship of the witch doctor in that story with the VP, Goodnight Jonathan.

People like Ms. Ukpabio (a.k.a 'Mrs. Lucifer') are powerful since they have as their clients some of the governors/ministers/e.t.c we have in power today. They are 'spiritual counselors' to the high and mighty in Nigeria, so to ask for their prosecution may well be asking for the moon.

As theafrobeat says though, maybe shedding more light on these acts will cause more action from the authorities. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed every word of what you said.

I don't know why people have decided to channel their anger at their misfortune to the many innocent children?

Why don't people appreciate the children they have? Why don't they cherish them, give them a childhood they deserve, full of love, fun, comfort, respect and appreciation. They should be adequately, clothed, fed and educated - is that so much to ask of the parents?

Maltreatment of children doesn't augur well for society, people had better snap to their senses!