Friday, May 16, 2008

Na my papa money!

Na so I just dey mind my business wey my friend come call me, dey complain say all im friends dey travel go abroad dey go continue education, meanwhile, as im papa no fit afford am, na there im go dey. Me, I pity am sha, no be im fault, how im papa suppose find dat kind money? Only the visa runs self go empty the family savings talk less of ticket money! Na so the papa almost kill am self wey im mention all the things wey im suppose do. So na Abraka im go siddon, and even self, after im finish with dat im abraka degree, na who go employ am wey senator pikin go land with UCLA degree? Ehen, who you think say dem go choose? This degree matter no be small thing oh.

Nigeria is a bed rock of class divisions, economically, educationally and…all the rest. The biggest problem faced by our society today, is the inclusion of the poor in a good education system. It is easy for a child to go to school, but if the school does not meet up with the standards required, then the education is wasted. Why send your child to school only to be told that he/she will never be able to pass the common entrance exams to secondary schools? Why send your child to a secondary school when you know that the possibility of the child getting a “p” in Jamb English is impossible? What is the child going to do with an education that he cannot use in the future? If this child, now manages, beyond all expectations, to get a higher education, who is going to employ him when his competition is a person with British secondary school and University results? What chance does a child from Ovwian grammer school and Delta State University have? (In fact, as they just see that name, plus “Abraka” for the paper, na laugh be dat)

The system we have today is ensuring that the children of the wealthy will probably be your rulers and leaders tomorrow. Yes. You know that annoying guy that plays music at all hours, drinks champagne and cruises around your neighborhood with no apparent destination? Yep. He would probably be one of your leaders. For the simple fact that he is better qualified on papers, forget about character, all we care about is your “degree”….and you know that hard working boy, so neat, so polite, looks like he could be a great leader….you know him? Unfortunately, he will probably be the driver, cleaner, washer man or cook of the rich man. Your new leader.
Of course, the wealthy will always have the means for education, and why shouldn’t they? After all, they can afford it. Yes, they should have education, but so should the poor man too. Should the rich man have a better education than the poor man? The answer is NO. We need to make a conscious effort in Nigeria to ensure that all children, no matter their economic back ground or gender, are able to get quality education. Now, if the rich man wants all the other “jaras” a school can offer, then by all means, let him have it, but let there be a general standard for all schools so the poor man can compete with the only natural resource that has not yet been taken from him, his brains.

Meanwhile, no be everybody wey go school for obodo oyibo na im know book oh! Some of dem no even know wetin carry dem go dat side self. Apart from all those their big big English, dem fit still be serious agbekpo.

P.S: Una don find dat plane? Shebi na the same question I ask una last week? Fear dey catch me for dis our country oh, so na so plane fit lost for air? Tufiakwa!

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