Monday, January 7, 2008

Thank you Nigeria

Thank you, Nigeria.

Thank you, my great country, Nigeria.

Thank you for allowing the public to participate in the elections; we would have felt left out otherwise, for this, we are eternally grateful. We are also forever grateful to you for showing us how democracy can be used as a tool in providing our area boys and touts with useful employment. Without these dear boys in politics, we would never have known their hidden talents.

Thank you for teaching all waffarians to be appreciative of our very own “okere market” which runs smoothly and orderly compared to the House of Representatives. Without that wonderful show you gave us, we would never have known what a gem we have in our own back yard.

Thank you for enabling all waffarians appreciate our military, without military presence in our lands, we would never have been able to appreciate the beauty of our military uniforms which I must say our young men wear with style.

Thank you for allowing our roads to become eroded craters, we would never have truly appreciated what patience means.

Thank you for not giving us light, we can now enjoy the true meaning of romantic evenings with candle light.

Thank you for showing us what our money is doing in Abuja, it gives us hope for our state, that one day, if we really try hard enough, we just might be able to make it.

Thank you for allowing for our wonderful green passport, without it, we would never know what it means to have the full attention of customs officers worldwide.
Thank you for allowing foreign embassies to treat us as criminals, we would never have appreciated the full meaning of going abroad.

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